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Bovver Brigade was formed back in 2001 by two punkrockers from Gävle (or Gefle, about 200 km north of Stockholm) who where looking for something to do and where fed up with the crappy music scene in their city. The music scene in Gävle was dominated (and still is) by boring, ignorant and self pitying emo-rockers and vegetarian hardecore freaks. That was something that couldn't be tolerated so Lars Johansson, AKA “Träsket” (something like “Swampman”) and Jimmy Persson decided to start a band of their own. Jani Kuusisto joined in and the rehearsals began. An early garage demo recording was made, “Pirate song” (with a crappy sound but a few good songs, which have been re-recorded later) and the Jani had to leave the band.

Quite a few drummers have passed through Bovver Brigade, some more clever than the others. The band has also had a variety of additional guitarists in the line up. Since 2001 Bovver Brigade have done some gigs through out Sweden and also managed to create a small but growing fanbase, despite their lack of released material. The music has got out to people mostly through downloads at the webpage or sold from hand to hand at gigs and festival. Since the first garage demo Bovver Brigade have made three real studio recordings; “Working class mentality”, “On the piss”and “Hate the world”.

During the years Bovver Brigade has emerged from a pure Oi-band to a more varied punk rock band with influences from genres like old Swedish punk rock and Irish folk. The latest recordings has even had some acoustic tracks.

In the fall of 2003 Bovver Brigade and their drummer decided to walk separate ways, and the band is still looking for someone good enough to replace him (which has proved to be easier said than done). Despite the lack of drummer, in February 2004 the band made a new studio recording called “Clockwork Orange Punx” which is the most complex and varied material ever recorded by the band. Behind the drums was a friend of the bands, Daniel Bryntse.

Currently Bovver Brigade spends most of their energy in writing new material and looking for a drummer. Hopefully we will find someone soon so that we can start doing gigs again. Maybe will show up in your town to rock YOUR ass! Cheers!

/The Bovver Brigade

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